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Alright so this instructable is my 3rd and a culmination of my previous two (which you should totally check out and subscribe to the page) Also if your interested in seeing many of the projects that I, a fifteen year old, has made thus far skip to the last step for the finale video now... Enjoy and vote!

Step 1: Paint the Box

Now i personally didnt make my box but putting 6 pieces of wood together and putting some holes in it is not impossible by any stretch i just up-cycled one from a computer sound system. So any ways the box was black at first so i hit it with a red dupont base coat, the color was matched for a bmw if that gives you an idea, after that i mixed some intercoat clear into with gold pearl, gold flake and red flake. The gold pearl changed the color dramatically to a red orange type color. I finished it off with some over coat dupont clear. Since this is professional auto body paint supplies it is expensive so some rattle can paint will suffice just fine. You can see a better view of the paint on the headphones i painted that i will also put an instructable up for.

Step 2: Make the Window

This is also pretty simple. You just have to get a sheet of acrylic and cut it to your desired size. After that just use you rotary tool and an engraving bit to engrave your design if you need further instruction i have an instructable specifically on the subject just click my name to view it. As you can see my design of choice is the new daft punk album cover on top, and some F- Holes of orchestra instruments on the bottom

Step 3: Install the Window and LED Circuit

The window installation is pretty straight forward. All you do is adhere it to the inside of the box. I used hot glue but i imagine anything better than an elmers glue stick will suffice. The LED circuit consists of two LEDs, a 220 ohm resistor, and the wiring.The components were from Microtivity has provided the best LEDs in my experience and i highly recommend them. The circuit is a little unorthodox but it works quite well. I just wired the two LEDs together and left the middle of the two leads bare. After that i put the resistor on the positive lead and than wired it directly to the subwoofer. Its also good to note that i insulated it alot for safety and made the negative lead a lot shorter than the positive.

Step 4: Final Words and Epic Video!!

So simply enough just put you power leads onto the subwoofer and it should all be connected in line at this point. Now any time enough power is provided to the subwoofer the LEDs will respond! Now please view/ enjoy this video of it and many of my other projects in action and vote!!!

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