Compost / Drying Bin Out of Left Over Wood, Metal , and Hardware

Introduction: Compost / Drying Bin Out of Left Over Wood, Metal , and Hardware

The backyard was cut the other day so I was raking up piles of the tall wild grass and putting them into piles to dry. My plan is to use them for compost but wanted them to dry well first to use as the brown matter. I am new to this so bare with me on the composting aspect. I am sure it is already starting when drying out but wanted to use this a the dead matter and then throw green left over scraps in.
So I came up with this to dry the grass. I think I could just layer it but made a small enclosed compost bin the other night to try out.

Step 1: Supplies

Well I keep a surplus of left overs from anything I make or rip apart to throw out. Wood, Metal,Glass, whatever. I used to not be able to throw stuff out , I am better now but I still rip it all apart and keep the good stuff ( in my mind , Good ) before throwing it out.

I had wire shelves the ones used with 1" steel tubes. I kept them from when I moved ( OK a little bit of a hoarder ), because I thought I could re purpose them. Not as easy as you think due to the ( Generic Proprietary? seems like an Oxymoron but it is close to the fact ) two piece fittings.

So everything used is scrap wood , wire shelves and what I had at hand.
I just through this together so as with most of my Instructables it's not a schematic, It's just to give you ideas!

What did I use?

2x4's ( Scrap, Left Overs )
(3) 34" Wire Shelves ( Left Overs )
Piece of Fiberboard ( I was out of all other flat boards and wasting a lot of 2x4's would hinder future projects ) cut down to 24 x 32"
Zip ties ( I always have Zip Ties , all of my garbage is contractor bags with zip ties )
Hinges ( Left over from Wendy/Lisa Laundry Room Project ) ( Hinges needed to be offset for WL Project and after getting home all but one were even throw I grabbed them from the same bin, Always check hardware went buying a a HD or Lowes before purchasing )
Insulated Wire Staples
I used left over magnetic fasteners from the WL Project as well but this is Optional

What was not Scrap or Left Overs

1.5 packages or frame brace brackets   $2 a package of 4
I still do not consider this purchasing more an investment I always have a few packages laying around.

Step 2: Make Bottom Frame and Securing Sides!

If you have wood cut all the same or at least 2 pieces one size and 2 the other , you are good depending on what you are going to do.
Cut down (2) 2x4's to be the length of the wire shelving
I used the frame Braces to make a square .
The sides had brackets mounted first then screwed the back into the brace
Then screwed front after determining where the sides would end

OK this is either innovative or cheesy

To mount the wire shelving to the 2x4's I used left over Wire staples for Romex
If anything good comes of this Instructable it will be IF YOU WANT TO MOUNT WIRE SHELVING TO WOOD WIRE STAPLES!
they are the perfect fit for the bottom of the side V's!

Hammer down 3 spaced staples to secure sides!

Step 3: Secure the Sides

OK this is the cheesiest but it Works!

Use cable ties to secure top and bottom of the Wire Shelving . Sides to Back.

Step 4: Finish Front and Add Touches

I ran out of wood but wanted the front to come down to scoop it out easier.

I had extra Fiber board ( I know it wont last )
cut it down to size and used hinges and magnetic fasteners from the laundry ( W/L ) Project

Well that's it. Just to give people ideas but the most important thing out of this is .....................
USE WIRE STAPLES TO ATTACH WIRE SHELVING TO WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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