Compost Sifter




Introduction: Compost Sifter

This compost sifter is a easy and cheap item to make to sift your compost to get all the big clumps and stuff that did not compost out of the fine black gold you have made

This one is made to fit on your wheel barrow so you can sift the compost and move it to areas needed.

All materials cost me under $15 at Lowe's

Step 1: Items Needed

2- 48" long 2x4's
2- 21 1/8" long 2x4's
2- 24" long 1x2's
2- 21 1/4" long 1x2's

24"x24" square 1/4" wire mesh

Step 2: Assemble the Base

Measure in 1' each side and mark on both 48" 2x4's

Lay the two 21 1/8" 2x4s across at the 1 foot marks and attach with screws

Step 3: Add Wire Mesh

Attach the wire mesh over the 2x2 square created by joining the sides together

Attach with staple gun

Step 4: Attach 1x2's to Secure Wire Mesh

Attach the two 24" pieces along the 48" side rails and the 21 1/4" pieces over the other sides
Attach with screws

Step 5: Sift Your Compost

Sift your compost
Place on wheel barrow and fill the square with compost and shake back and forth collect compost in wheel barrow

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    5 years ago

    Want to speed up your sifting? Hooking a sawzall or jig saw to it and adding wheels to the other side and setting it down into a wooden track will speed up you sifting quite a bit. There is a hitch though, You'll have to make the sides taller. Great instructable!


    Reply 8 months ago

    I was thinking the same thing, then again there's 2 garages of "supplies" (no I'm not a hoarder...).
    I'm thinking 1/4 or 1/2 hors motor with a crank drive to shake it, other side om simple wood slides (greased with bacon fat?)