Computer Cord Tamer - Monitor Style

Introduction: Computer Cord Tamer - Monitor Style

This instructable shows you how to create a cheap and effective place to put your extra cables when they are not in use. Why not use the empty space behind your LCD monitor?

Lately I've been trying to keep my desk as clean as possible, but I also want to be able to reach everything that I need during my day. I only have one drawer on my desk, that that is already full of external hard drives, note pads and writing utensils.

For this instructable you will need:
- A wire hanger (black is nice to help it blend in)
- Something to bend the hanger with
- Unruly cables

Let's start..

Step 1: Step 1 - Find Your Tools

I decided to bend my wire hanger with a simple adjustable pliers covered with a wash cloth as not to scratch my hanger.

You can use just about anything to bend the hanger, heck, even your hands if you're hulk.

Step 2: Step Two - Start Bending

Alright, now take your bending apparatus and have at that hanger! I first unwrapped mine so that I could start at one of the corners and work my way out to the end of the hanger. What I was looking for was several places to hang various cords that were different sizes and lengths. In order to accomplish this, I made several bends of different widths and lengths. Eventually... (see step three)

Step 3: Step Three - Keep Workin

... eventually I ended up with something that I though would work. You are more than welcome to bend as big or as small as you went, it depends on how much stuff you have to hang. After I made these bends, I focused on bending a series of 90 degree bends in order to hook the "top" of the cord hanger on my monitor. I put my monitor hook in the middle of the hanger, making sure the hanger would squeeze the monitor ever so slightly. You will have to determine the width of your monitor and adjust from there. Mine ends up being about an inch in width.

After you make the top loop, I bent the hanger so that it the unused portion would rest on the back of my monitor and hold the cords away from the back of my monitor. (See the side view below)

Step 4: Step Four - Ouulala

Keep working on it until you get the hanger to sit will.

Hang your cords and lift up off your monitor and see the results. If your hanger binds at some point, rearrange the hanger/cords. Now put it back, everything work? Great!

Enjoy your desk space!

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