Introduction: Computational Knowledge Engine, Search Engine, Website Safety Lookup... All in One Program.

My 2nd ible... I don't know what happened to my first one. OK, my program was made in VB.NET not VB6. You must have internet connection to open it.

Step 1: Alright...details!

My piece of work is made in VB.NET not VB6. It has about 600+ lines of code and continually growing. I can't show you the tutorial of how to make it because like I said before, my program has 600+ lines of code! What it does is:
> Your query will be sent to Wolfram|Alpha
> Your search term(s) will be searched at Google
> The website you've entered will be rated by three sources: WOT, SiteAdvisor and SafeWeb
> It has built-in keyboard and
> It has history of queries and websites you've entered.

Looks interesting, huh?

Step 2: The Source

OK, If you want to have the source, go download it! If you want to distribute it among your friends, you may do so as long as you're using non-commercially. You may search for easter eggs for Wolfram|Alpha. Try one of these:
> What is your favorite color?
>The answer to the ultimate question
...and more!