Introduction: Computer

Get all your parts ready before you start building.

Step 1: Case

Get your case out of the box.

Step 2: Case

Take off the front and back cover of your case.

Step 3: Power Supply

Open the Power Supply, put it in the Power Suppy part of the case. Screw it into place.

Step 4: MotherBoard

Remove the motherboard out of the box. Also remove the core processor. You can undo the handle on the mother board to put in the processor. Next open your ram and place them in your motherboard. Screw it into place.

Step 5: Metal Plate

The metal plate click into the back of the motherboard.

Step 6: Hard Drive

Next get out the hard drive and place it in a slot.

Step 7: Liquid CPU Cooler

Open the box up and get out a metal plate. You have to screw it into the back of the mother board.
Next setup the fan where you want it. Screw it into the back metal plate, and the wall of the case .

Step 8: Cable Organization

Make sure all of your cables are organized, and not in the way of anything.

Step 9: Graphics Card

Next you have to open the box, and open to of the side panels to fit the Graphics card. After you have all the wires put back the two side cases, and start it up.

Step 10: Final Product