Introduction: Computer Build

This Instructable will help you with your computer build. It will cover all of your components and what order to assemble them in.

Step 1: CPU and Motherboard

Start with your GIGABYTE F2A68MH-H Motherboard. Place it on top of your box for assembly. Start by placing your AMD A6-7400K Radeon R5 processor into the chipset. Make sure it is lined up correctly. Use your Thermaltake heat sync and CPU fan and attach it on top of your processor.

Step 2: Graphics Card and RAM

While keeping your motherboard on its box, plug your EVGA GeForce GT 610 graphics card into the PCIe slot. Next, add your PNY 4GB DDR3 RAM card to the motherboard.

Step 3: Testing Your Motherboard and Power Supply

Once you have added all of these to your motherboard, you will need to plug in your Orion 400W Power Supply into your motherboard. Place the power supply and motherboard a static mat. Add the motherboard mic that came with your case. Turn on your computer by connecting the two power button connectors. If there is a beep from the speaker you did everything correctly.

Step 4: Adding Components to the Case

You will need to add you Western Digital 1 TB HDD to your case. Next, add you case fans. You will need to add one to the back of the case and one to the front. You want the air to come in from the front of the case and out the back. To add the front fan you will have to take the front of the case off by pressing the pins in.

Step 5: Your Case and Motherboard

Add the lifters to you case and screw in the motherboard. Place the power supply in and screw that in as well. Plug your HDD into the the SATA 0 on your motherboard and into the power supply.

Step 6: Step 6: All of the Connectors

You will need to plug in your case USB's, HD Audio, and the case buttons. The picture shows a close up of each connector. The connectors from the case are labeled so all you need to do is match them up. You will also need to add your 4-pin power supply extender.