Introduction: Computer Build

Full instructions on how to build a computer with the build kit from Mr. Rilley's IT Class 2015, Trevor Smith, Josh Oaks.

Step 1: Take Out the Motherboard

Step 2: Install the Processer

Line up the boxes on the bottom between the pins with the case you are putting it on gently. Don't put any pressure on it.

Step 3: Now Move Down the Rod to Lock Down the Cpu

Step 4: Install Your CPU Fan

Attach the clips on the bottom sides to the motherboard then close down the switch.

Step 5: Plug in the CPU Fan Wire in the Motherboard Where It Says CPU_FAN1

Step 6: Install the Ram Into the DIMM Slot.

Have the ends of the DIMM slot opened up. Next, line up the gap in the bottom of the ram stick to the slot. Then slide the ram down into the slot. Keep straight then push down until the ends click shut.

Step 7: Install Your Power Supply Into the Case

Place in the corner of the case with a rectangular opening then slide in then screw.

Step 8: Add in the Ports Case to the Smaller Rectangular Opening.

Step 9: Screw in the Motherboard to the Case

Place it against the edge, fitting the ports through the case(shown in next step). Put in screws in each hole, should be 6.

Step 10: Make Sure the Ports Fit in Like This.

Step 11: Remove Port Piece and Install the Video/Graphics Card

There are slim metal parts on the side of the case that you need to brake one off that lines up to the PCIe slot on the motherboard to the case. Place the graphics card in the PCIe Slot on the motherboard. Hold open end piece to place it in, line up the bottom just like how you installed the ram. Make sure it fits perfectly.

Step 12: Make Sure the Motherboard Looks Like This on Outside of Case and Screw That Down

Step 13: Plug in 24-pin Power Supply Cable to the Motherboard.

Step 14: Plug in the F_AUDIO Cable From the Front of Case Into Motherboard.

Step 15: Plug in the F_USB Cable From the Front of the Case to the Motherboard

Step 16: Follow These Pictures in Order for the Other Case Cables for LED and Such.

Step 17: Install the HDD(Hard Disk Drive)

Remove the black holder piece by turning red piece counter clockwise. Then slide in the hard drive so that the plug in parts are facing out. Do not slide it all the way in, line up the screw holds with the case.

Step 18: Plug in the SATA Cable and Power Cable to HDD

Step 19: Plug in the Speaker That Came in the Bag of the Case.

Step 20: Install the Case Fan Into the Back of Case Having Air Flow Going Out and Plug in Here.

Step 21: