Introduction: Computer Build By: Stu and Steven

This is a step by step guide that shows you how to build a computer in an Ultra tower.

Step 1: Getting Started

Identify the CPU socket

Step 2: CPU Goes in the Socket.

Put your processor into the CPU socket. (WARNING!! The processor has zero insertion force. The processor must slide into the socket. If the processor does not slide into the socket, you probably have it the wrong way. If you push on the processor, you can bend the pins, and you can ruin it.) The triangle on the CPU must be lined up with

Step 3: Insert the Fan

Put the CPU fan on the processor, and latch it on both sides. Then, plug it into the following plug

Step 4: Speaker

Plug the speaker into the plug with the word speaker next to it.

Step 5: RAM

Next, push out the RAM chip holders, then put the RAM into the following socket. You may have to push kinda hard for this.

Step 6: Graphics Card

The next step is to put your graphics card into the following slot. You may have to push kinda hard on this one as well

Step 7: Screw In

When you look inside your case, there will be holes in the bottom of the case. These are for something called a standoff, which prevents the motherboard from being on the bottom of the case. Then, you will want to line your motherboard up with the holes, and screw it in.

Step 8: Power Supply

What you want to do next, is grab your power supply. There will be a rectangle shaped hole in the back of the case. You will want to line it up with the holes that you will screw in the power supply

Step 9: 24 Pin

There will be a 24-pin connector on the power supply you will want to plug into the following socket shown in the second picture.

Step 10: 4 Pin

There will also be a 4-pin connector on the power supply. You will want to plug this into the four pin connector shown in the second picture

Step 11: Connect the Case

Inside the case, there will be two cables hooked together by a connector. You will want to plug it into the port that says F USB 1 next to it.

Step 12: Hard Drive

The next step is to get your hard drive and insert it into the slot that holds the hard drive. It looks like a shelf. You will also want to clip the red and black thing onto it, flip the case over, and screw the hard drive in.

Step 13: Plug in Hard Drive

One of the plugs on the power supply looks like this. You will want to plug it into the hard drive, so that you can store files on the hard drive.

Step 14: Hard Drive Power

There will be a cable that comes with the computer that looks like this. You will want to plug it into the motherboard, then the other end into the hard drive.

Step 15: F_Panel

Next, there will be a cable with five ends on it. It will be attached to the case. The port you plug it into is the second picture, and everything is labeled. There is a fully plugged in example in the third picture.

Step 16: Plug in the USB

Take the USB cable that is attached to the case and plug it into the port that says F_USB2 on it.

Step 17: Plug in the HD Audio

Find the HD audio cable that is attached to your case and plug it into its slot on the motherboard.

Step 18: Install the Fan

It is time to install your case fan. Take your case fan and screw it into the back of the case. There are arrows shown on the fan that show the direction of the air flow. The arrow should be pointed in because that is the direction you want the air to flow.

Step 19: Screw on Your Case

Once everything is plugged in that needs to be plugged in and everything is screwed in that needs to be screwed in you can now put on your case. Take your case and cover and slide it on while softly applying pressure. Once the case is on, secure it by screwing it in. Your computer build is now complete and it is time to plug it in.