Introduction: Computer Case Revival From 90s to Now(MOD)

Hello everyone, this is my 1st instructable so plz help me get better :)

Step 1: Planning Phase

First thing's first

first you need to plan it. How you want your case to look like.

It includes 2 main things

1. Outer appearance.

2. and most important, You dont mess up your Case ventilation.

Step 2: Ventilation Before and After

Step 3: Case Cooling Explained

These are 2 In-takes

1 120mm fan hitting directly to my Ram sticks and moving to CPU.

1 80mm fan hitting directly to my HDD and moving towards GPU.

These are 3 Out-lets

1 120mm fan above taking hot air directly away from my CPU outside.
1 88mm fan at rare, helping keeping presure banlanced.

1 120mm fan inside my PSU.

Step 4: Disassembling the Whole Case.

Step 5: Cutting Out Shapes for Window and Cooling Fan and Front Panel

Step 6: Check If Everything Fits in Perfectly

Step 7: Painting Everything

Step 8: Put Everything Back On

Step 9: Add Fans to Your Case

Step 10: And Your Case in Done