Introduction: Computer Chip Battleship

This project is great for kids who can't afford to have a toy. The computer battleship allows kids around the world to have a chance to build their own Battleship. And to make something unique and different with computer parts discarded lego parts.

Step 1: Materials

1: Computer parts

2: hot glue gun

3: Legos




7:Computer fan

Step 2: Taking Apart Parts From the Computer

First you have to use pliers to apart computer parts.

After taking the parts you need imagine what parts can to make the battleship. And then imagine how the computer parts will look like when they're together.

Step 3: Gluing Parts Together

After you find out what parts go together you can use the hot glue gun to glue the parts together to make your computer battleship. Make sure you glue it twice so it won’t fall apart when you handle it.

Step 4: Extra Pictures

Here are two extra pictures to get an idea on how you want to make your own computer battleship.