Computer Control Center - a DIY Workspace (in Progress)




Introduction: Computer Control Center - a DIY Workspace (in Progress)

Step 1: Designing the Beast

 As i am no pro, i use Google SketchUp for the design and planning of my new table aka "The Beast", so i get some pretty good plans and also 3D-models.

Step 2: Get the Stuff You Need

 For the tabletop i used a 2m x 1.6m MDF-sheet.

Saw, Sander, Pens, Tape, a Bowl, Drill

Step 3: Measure Twice

As usual i started by "drawing" the planned layout to the wood, now you can see where the bowl was for ;-)

Step 4: Saw, Saw and Saw

 First of all:
Before making the inital cut, check the plans again!

After that i made a slighty smaller "hole" then i needed, to ENTER the beast ;-)

Once i had space i made the planned cutting.

Step 5: Sanding, and Sanding! Oh Yes, and Sanding!

 The whole sanding took me longer then the sawing, but i think, that's normal ;-)

Step 6: A Few Tweaks

 I decided to drill a big hole in one end for future cable-management.

Step 7: Running Some Usability Tests

 After the beast was ready i took it over to my office to run a few tests.

Also i'm waiting for the material for the legs (which i want to weld by myself *g*).

As soon as everything is done, i'm going to paint it ;-)

Step 8: Changing the Design

 While running the "usability tests" i found out, that i needed more room for stuff, so i designed a shelving unit for the beast which doubles as room divider to the "couch corner".

Just ordered the wood ;-)

Step 9: Painting the Beast

I choose a red paint, just because i liked it ;-)

Step 10: The Legs

I took some metal from the "junkyard" of the inhouse weldingshop and asked the welders (with a bribe aka 'box of beer') to weld them as i want it - looks pretty good, or?

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    What are all of your dimensions for your desk? The lengths, widths of every side?


    12 years ago on Step 9

     have you checked out the legs at IKEA, I would think that is a bit cheaper than welding your own.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Last time I checked, it was roughly $15 US for ONE leg (Jan. 2012). If I had the time/materials/tools to craft my own legs and be creative, I'd skip ikea altogether.

    I would possibly consider using their work surfaces, but they too border on the highly overpriced.


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 9

     Not really because the next IKEA is about 120km from here so you have to calculate the fuel.
    Also i already HAVE the material for the legs lying around, just no time ;-)
    As you can see on the pictures i am able to use a professional metal shop from one of the companies here, they also let me get through their "recycle bin" ;-)