Introduction: Computer Desk From Old Dresser

I made this computer desk from an old dresser picked up at a flea market.  I didn't take a photo of the dresser before I refinished it, but sanding, staining, and a few coats of varnish were the first steps.

I removed the center drawer and mounted a keyboard slide where the drawer once was.  To make it fit required that I cut the keyboard slide in half. make it about a half-inch narrower, and splice it back together (using wood underneath as a reinforcement).

Next I gutted the two bottom drawers on the right-hand side and used the old drawer fronts to make a hinged door.  This is where the computer goes.  I also cut some vent holes in the bottom of this area and in the back for ventilation.

In the top drawer on the right-hand side I installed a panel to hold a mouse pad.  When not in use, the mouse stores at the back of this drawer and the drawer can be closed.

This makes for a pretty compact computer desk, and when the keyboard is retracted and the mouse drawer is closed, it doesn't blatantly scream "computer desk" at you!   Overall, if you're reasonably handy with woodworking it is not a difficult project.

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