Introduction: Computer Jukebox

This is a very simple re-purposing Instructable. I'd come across a totally freeware jukebox program that I found had touchscreen support. At the same time, I'd also seen some ELO all-in-one touchscreen computers on eBay. The particular one I purchased was removed from a self-serve photo kiosk. Since then, I've found that ELO all-in-ones pop up for sale quite often at wildly different prices and there are even new ones you can buy if you get impatient for a deal!. Adding the jukebox software made a fun party music player. The software allows you to choose where it looks for mp3 files. The computer I found has a side-mounted USB port that I use for assorted flash drives with different play lists to fit the occasion. I installed Windows XP (the computer does not go online so security isn't an issue) and put the jukebox program in the start-up folder so turning on the computer automatically brings up the jukebox program. Since all the functions are accessible from the touchscreen, there is no need to hook up a keyboard or mouse once you have everything configured. Adding a pair of speakers with a sub-woofer makes a great sounding music player. The program even adds a short bit of 'scratchy record sound' at the beginning of each song to enhance the old jukebox experience! In addition to people being able to pick what they want to hear, you can also configure the program to play songs by itself, choosing randomly. I've included the link for "dwjukebox" but a Google search for 'free jukebox software' will find many alternatives. I just liked the old jukebox display and how well the touchscreen interface worked. I found an interesting metal table that made a good stand and added some 'rain lights' underneath and another LED disco light behind the unit for 'eye candy'. You may want to just download the program and try it out on your computer. It works with a mouse if you do not have a touchscreen. Have fun!

Step 1:

Step 2: Jukebox on Stand

Here is the jukebox on it's table.

Step 3:

"Top hat" chasing LED light from eBay stuck to rear of computer to add some flashing lights to the experience!