Introduction: Computer Keyboard Jewelry

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Computer keyboards are especially useful when they are intact and working. If you’re a student, you probably use them to type up your homework or if you’re a software developer, you use them to write code. Keyboards are essential when it comes to communicating with a computer. But when they’re broken, they can be used to create cool projects and awesome jewelry!

You can usually find old keyboards in a thrift store or you can pull some off of old laptops or computers. I pulled these off of broken computers, so the keys are more flat and thin than other keyboards, but any type of key will do!


  • Computer Keys
  • Earring Head Pins
  • Earring Hooks
  • Thin Craft Wire or Earring Wire
  • Small Beads
  • Necklace Chain


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pliers

Step 1: Taking Apart the Keyboard

The keys on the keyboard should be easy to take off. Take it apart and keep the keys you plan on using.

Step 2: Assembling Earrings

Add a bead onto two earring pins. Use hot glue to attach a computer key to each pin above the bead you attached. Then attach the key identical to it to the back of the first key. Add another bead onto the pins.

Step 3: Finishing Earrings

Add an earring hook to two of the pins and use the pliers to bend the wire around it at the top. Bend the top of the third pin into a loop and cut off the excess material using wire cutters.

Step 4: Necklace

Repeat the same process for the necklace as for the earrings and attach it to the necklace chain. The only difference is that you don't add an earring hook to the necklace pendant. I chose to keep it simple, but since it is the pendant, feel free to add a little something extra. I did a ctrl+alt+delete theme for these, so I'd love to see what ideas you come up with!

Step 5: Bracelet Wire

Cut a piece of wire around 2-3 times the size of your wrist. String beads along the piece of wire. I only added a few beads and didn't fill up the whole wire. Form a small circle the size of your wrist by winding the wire around and wrap the ends around all of the loops.

Step 6: Finishing Bracelet

Use hot glue to attach the keys to the bracelet. You can glue them directly or you can attach them as charms with a little extra wire. I did one that said Love and another that said Just Esc (just escape).

Step 7: Complete!

There are so many possibilities when it comes to jewelry and this is just one of them. I'd love to see what you make so please share your pictures below! My main inspiration for these ideas was through Pinterest :). Check out my other article where I've posted computer keyboard desk decor projects.

These DIY's are also part of the Stematix Magazine's DIY Issue 8. Stematix is a 100% Student-Run Magazine in the Bay Area, California. Check us out at!