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Introduction: Computer Mouse or Keyboard Fan

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It's getting really hot this summer. Using your for long sessions then is somethings hard when you start
to sweat on your mouse or keyboard. For this I made my own Mouse fan from some scrap which I could also use for my keyboard.

Step 1: Materials & Tools Needed

This is what you need:


  • 1 empty roll of Pringles or any other can
  • 1 Motor
  • 1 radiator / fan head (must fit in the can) You can make one from cardboard too. Just google for it, you'll find something. Mine is 3D printed. I found it on thingiverse
  • 1 Power supply
  • Wires ~1m each should be fine
  • Some glue or tape
  • Not much cardboard


  • Soldering iron
  • Side cutter

Don't be exacly with the materials. DIY :)

Step 2: Soldering the Wire

First you need to solder the two wires from the power supply to the motor. Make sure to test it before assemble it all together. You need to solder the positive ending from your power supply to the positive side of your motor. Same with the negative.

Step 3: First Test

Now it's time to test if the motor spins the right way.

  1. Just attach your radiator to the motor with some glue. Hot glue or superglue is very good for this.
  2. Power it
  3. Look if the radiator blows the air away from the motor (see picture)

If the motor spins in the wrong direction just swap the wires. For me turning around the radiator didn't worked.

Make sure to secure the wires with some tape so they can't tuch each other because you don't want to have a short circuit.

Step 4: Prepare the Can

If you got a Pringles can like me then this step will be easy for you. You just need to cut 2 slots in the can at one ending. They aren't in the Center. They're just about 0.3cm away from there, so the motor later is centerd. Have a look at the pictures.

  1. Add a piece of cardport to the Motor. I did this with duble side tape.
  2. Place it in the slots you made.
  3. Secure it with some more tape

I failed this step a bit how you can see at the 3. picture.

I also added a netting to my can because I reused the can from a old vacuum project.

Step 5: Ready to Go

Now you finished your own litte fan. You can secure it like me with some tape on your desk. But if you want no vibration place some sponge under it and then tape it.

Hope you like my project :)

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    I rly love it but I have one big problem with mine.

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    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!


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