Introduction: Computer Prank

Hello! In this instructable I will teach you how to prank your friend when they are on the Internet and then have to do something for a second. This is a very easy prank which can take you less than a minute. What we will be doing is using inspect element to change the web site however you want to prank your friend. By doing this YOU ARE NOT CHANGING THE THE WEB SITE DESIGN FOR EVERYONE ELSE JUST FOR YOU. WHEN YOU HIT REFRESH IT WILL GO BACK TO NORMAL. (Btw this is my first instructable)

Step 1: Setting the Prank

When your friend is on a web site and then leaves to do something right click on the thing you want to change. Than click inspect element. If you are doing it on fire fox inspect with fire bug will work as well. You will then be greeted by a page of coding that you can poke around on. For instance you can change where the site will take you if you click on it so you can pull a Rick roll prank. Or you can change an ad's picture or even delete the ad entirely. Change the margins of a box, change the colors of a backround, or what ever! When you are finished changing it just hit enter. Sometimes you will have to poke and prod at it a little but soon you will get the hang of it. If you have any question you can ask me in the comments.

Changing names: When you find some words you want to change, inspect it and and find what you inspected in black text. Click on that and change at will. This also works for pictures and website links only the color will not be black and instead of words there it is a web site url or picture url
Changing color: Inspect something and look at the right side of the coding page and find a little box of color. Click on that and drag the circle around until you find the color you want. Also it has a color sampler tool.

Changing margins: Inspect a box which margins you want to change, Then look to the right and find a box which has some numbers in it. Double click on a number and alter it however you like.

Deleting stuff: Inspect something and right click the highlighted code. Then click cut or delete element.

Moving stuff: Inspect something and then drag the highlighted code where ever you like.