Introduction: Computer Screen X-Ray Viewer

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This is a simple method for using your computer as a light-box for viewing x-rays. Breaking your bones has just reached new levels of fun.

Step 1: Download White.jpg

The first step is to download the file "white.jpg"

In case you have not guessed by its name, "white.jpg" is a completely white image file. This is going to be used to make your computer screen completely white.

Step 2: Create a "white" Folder

Create a new folder called "white".

Place the "white.jpg" image file into the "white" folder.

Make sure no other images get moved to this folder.

Step 3: Setup Your Screen Saver

Go to "System Preferences" and select "Desktop and Screen Saver" from the menu.

From there select the "Screen Saver" setup mode on the top of the page. In the the left hand "screen saver" scrolling menu select "Choose Folder..."

You are going to now want to find the "white" folder and to highlight it and hit "choose." This will setup your "white.jpg" image as the screen saver.

Once your image is the screen saver you are going to want to want to select "options" and make certain that the cross-fade option is deselected (see image below).

Step 4: View Your X-ray

Hit the "test" button to activate the screen saver.

Hold your x-ray up to the screen.

Marvel in wonder at your x-ray.