Introduction: Computer Secret Compartment

About: Hi, I'm Yaron, A proud father of 3, A software engineer by trade and a creator by DNA. My love for building things started at an early age working with my dad over the summers, now this love fills my free time…

It all started when I looked for a small motor for another project I started.... (will add a link once it's done), so i started disassembling my old computer's CD drive, then I thought It seemed like a fun project to create a hidden safe inside my old computer.

Step 1: Tools & Materials



paper clip

hot glue gun

Utility Knife


Old CD Drive

Graphic Cardboard

Hot glue

Step 2: Disassemble

For me this was the best part, to gut all the electronics out! really enjoyed it...

First, I had to take the CD drive out so I opened the computer side and unscrewed two screws.

Then had to manually open the cd (used a paper clip as shown in the pics).

To remove some of the plastic from the metal case, there are quick release press buttons.

from there is all unscrewing some small screws...

Step 3: Keep the Good Stuff

After I took the CD apart, I needed to keep the metal box of the CD drive, the front plastic parts, which are the buttons, the volume wheel, and the headset jack

Step 4: Drawer

Reassembling/Reclaiming Step:

I Started from assembling back the front of the CD to make it look exactly as it was before.

Then I took the CD plate and sealed in to create the bottom of the drawer.

All that left is to create a frame to the drawer, which I create from a Graphic Cardboard.

Hot glued all together and that is it.

Step 5: Install CD Drive

Took the empty CD metal casing and put it back in its place (two little screws), pushed the CD few millimeters out in order to have a place from the side to grab the sides of the "glued" front.

Step 6: Done!

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