Introduction: Computer Tower Lamp

Hi my name is Jesus and I was assigned to build a computer tower lamp. I looked on Instructables but didn't find anything on it, so I decided to write one.

Step 1: Tools

These are the tools I used in my process.

Wire stripper, Screw driver, drill

Step 2: Material

These is the Material I used.

  1. Bendy lamp
  2. Electrical connectors
  3. Computer tower

Step 3: Instructions: Here Are the Instructions That I Used to Explain the Build.

  1. You have to strip off the plastic to get to bare metal.

  2. You have to take apart the computer tower.

  3. You should take apart the lamp.

  4. You should do is drill a hole on top of the tower where you want.

Step 4:

Thank you for reading my Instructable . I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you will build one yourself. Please leave me a comment.