Introduction: Computer Water Cooling System

Hello. I'm Korean living Korea.

I like looking So many instructables in this site and making my own.

today I like to introduce my Computer Water Cooling System - it's my own design!

It was made at 2008.october

I don't have any confidence in my English so will show you many pictures with lesser word.

Step 1: Radiator


I used Oil Cooling Radiator for car.

I went Hyundai motor shop and bought new but if you want to get cheaper one, can get in an auto junkyard or auto repair shop.

the radiator is aluminium so easy to cut and tap.

and some plastic two touch fitting - to avoid Galvanic corrosion

Step 2: Making Body

Foamex is very good to making something.

Cheap, various thickness, easy to cut, easy to glue

with cyanoacrylate bond, can make very fast

Step 3: Making Body Step 2

Now Look Pictures Carefully please.

I used Some technique but hard to explain all in English.

Sanding Edge 45 degrees makes look good when two plate stick together
and some little across tooth makes two plate are in same plane

Step 4: The Face

I don't like easy, simple Instructables anybody can do.

To make special system, I designed face in 3D cad program.

(could more complex design but it means hard to make)

Step 5: The Face Step 2

I prefer polyester putty, but this time there was only epoxy putty.

wet sanding is more better than dry sanding

Step 6: Painting

Painting and lettering.

text is Dry Decal.

Parkoz is biggest Computer community in Korea.

One man in parkoz tuning forum made fan controller board named parkoz controller.

-can control 4 fan speed(auto/manual)
-can display 4 temperature
-compatible several character lcds
-full speed fan when staring
... etc

it's some big and oldie cause made before several years.

Step 7: Test and Fix

12V Thermaltake motor was not good. weak and noisy.

Changed cheap(about 4$) aquarium motor. quiet and powerful.

New motor means new water tank.


Motor need 220V so used SSR(solid state relay-non mechanical parts) for switch.

Step 8: Fix Again

Oh no.....

Parkoz Contoller doesn't work in test suddenly...(crying)

I tried fix it but can't so replace with Parkoz Controller II!!

More little, More Powerful now. :)

Step 9: Installing Jacket

Installing Zalman water jacket.

It's full Aluminium so don't worry about Galvanic Corrosion.

Step 10: End

Finally done.

I thought some LEDs to put in but sooooo tied at that time.

it works good. full load temp is about 45' and about 35' at normal.

forgive my awful english(but I tried). and Thanks for reading ;)