Introduction: Computer Chips (joke Bag)

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 Simply put. This is a funny joke you can play on a nerd or geek or technician. Have a look.

Step 1: First Thing....

 Take a static free bag that your hard drive or other goodies come in that is in good shape

Step 2:

 Rip out enough old useless chips like the ones shown here to fill the bag l Tip, surface mount chips can be cut of with an exacto knife but PLEASE be careful. Otherwise you can always unsolder them.

Step 3:

 Decorate your bag so it looks like something you might buy in a store. the more authentic it looks the better. You can buy real bags of chips and cutout parts to paste them onto yours or you can print on stick-able glossy paper and simply cut out use that. The glossy paper is probably your best bet as you can do exactly what you want.

Step 4:

 Once done place your chips inside and seal it up so it look authentic.

Another option is to buy a real bag of chips and redo it like this one.

have fun.....

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