Introduction: Concealed Trash/Recycle Bin

About: I am mechanical engineer that has a passion for working with wood. Currently I am making mallets and outdoor furniture! I build things for around the house as well.

For this build I used a design that Ana White had made but I didn't like the size and the way to access the trash and recycle bins. My wife and I decided that we wanted the top to be split and hinged. I am really glad we did this, it turned out great (after redoing the top because I forgot the cut it before assembling and it warped). Please follow along and contact me if you have any questions!

Step 1: Cut List and Materials

Here is the cut list, materials and tools I used.

Step 2: Front and Back

I first assembled the front and back. I used pocket holes but you can use dowels or biscuits. Do this twice since you have a back also!

Step 3: Sides

Here is the sides. Assemble and remember the pocket holes on the sides to attach to the front!

Step 4: Attach Sides to Front and Back

I attached the sides to the front first. This picture shows the angle pieces, I did them after this step so please disregard that! I then attached the back!

Step 5: Add the Angles

I then added the angle pieces. This is always the hardest part for me since I have an old, crumby miter saw! But since I painted it I used a little putty. My favorite is Timbermate!

Step 6: Add the Center Divider

I then added the center divider. Make sure this is short enough to allow the trash cans to side all the way on the ground!

Step 7: Fill in Behind the Frame

I then filled in the frame using 1/4" plywood, glue and staples. I did this very crude since it is all hidden and not visible, just make sure to fill the gaps!

Step 8: Assemble the Lid

I then assembled the lid. There are two, one for each side.

Step 9: Finish and Attach the Top

I then finished the top with Miniwax Early American stain and General Finish Arm-R-Seal! It turned out great, flat and smooth. I painted the rest of the bin white. Finish to your preference!

Step 10: You're Done!

Congrats! Your Concealed Trash/Recycle Bin is complete! enjoy and hope you liked my build!

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