Introduction: Concrete Aquarium Decor

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Hi, This is my first concrete project. I wanted to make something out of concrete, so i have decided to make an aquarium decor for my Fish Tank

Lets make an Aquarium Decor using concrete/Cement. Following are the stuffs you need to make the Aquarium decor

1. Cement/Concrete

2. Coconut shell / Any other base

3. few pebble Stones

4. Sea shell / oyster shells

5.spatula/ some tool to apply the cement

**Additional Requirements: Aquarium decor has no limitation. It can be anything in the reach of your imagination, so grab whatever you require to make it awesome

Step 1:

Take a strong flat base on which you can work. place a paper, so that when it dries you can lift it without hassle.

Pour some cement for the Base then place the coconut shell ( I wanted to make a rest place for my fishes which looks like coral reef, so i broke the coconut shell as shown). Apply cement all around the shell, use paint brush to get a nice rock texture to the decor.

Step 2:

I took few coconut head stem and cut it in to few pieces. it looks like coral plants when its done.

coconut cap and oyster shells looks like coral plants.

apply a thick layer of cement around the shell. now fix the pebbles, shells and twigs as you like, rearrange the placements if required. once done apply another layer of liquid cement with paint brush (it gives a good texture and holds your shells, stones in place)

sprinkle or apply sand along with the liquid cement on the twigs to give a rough coral texture

Step 3: How It Looks

Keep aside in sunlight to dry...

when it gets dried, place it in the Aquarium

**Have a Great day Friends**

Step 4:

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