Concrete Base Rope Table Lamp

Introduction: Concrete Base Rope Table Lamp

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Back from a slight instructables break with another addition to the lamp collection*.. pretty simple and cheap design which actually builds on another one which I made not too long ago. The warm light works well coming through the rope and casts a nice shadow too.

* If you're interested in seeing more then feel free to check out or follow @jamesmcco1 on Instagram.



  1. 7w Edison bulb
  2. 6mm screw pole (depending on how high you want it, but 2m should be more than enough)
  3. 1kg concrete (depending on the size of your base)
  4. A piece of wood to cut the base from
  5. A socket for the bulb (make sure it matches the bulb)
  6. Plug and switch
  7. Rope (again it depends on the height, but 5m-10m should be enough)

And thats it!


  1. Pliers
  2. Drill
  3. Saw
  4. Files
  5. Bucket
  6. Box (to set the concrete base)
  7. Glue
  8. Scissors
  9. Some newspapers to stop any mess

Step 1: Frame for the Base

1) Cut 4 equal poles of 35cm in length. [image 1]

2) Cut a shape of wood that will fit inside your box and support all 4 corners of the structure. The reason I didn't just cut a rectangle was so that more concrete can reach the bottom and therefore make it less likely to crack. I ended up with the weird looking shape seen in the second picture...There are probably more efficient ways to cut it. [image 2]

3) Drill 4 holes and put the poles into the holes. [image 3]

4) Another reason for the weird shape choice was to allow for a pipe to be used to take the electric cable from the bottom to the top of the block. This is not necessary, but is helpful - you could just drill this hole when the concrete sets. [image 4]

Step 2: Set Base

1) Set the base into the box and position it in the centre.

2) When you have it there, mix your concrete and pour it into the box. I left the box to sit for 2 days which was enough for it to harden enough for me. Depending on the concrete mix you buy this may be different.

Step 3: Electronics

1) Drill holes for the socket to be screwed into and fasten the socket. [image 1]

2) Put the cable from the switch up through the base to the top of the block. [image 2]

3) Connect the wires to the socket (Brown to Live/ Bottom bulb terminal, Blue to Neutral/ Side bulb terminal)

4) Put in a bulb and test if it all works. [image 3]

Step 4: Rope

1) Tie one piece of the rope to the bottom of one of the poles. [image 1]

2) Wrap the rope around the other poles. [image 2]

3) Continue this all the way up. [image 3]

4) When at the top, cut the rope and put a small piece of glue on the end to secure it to one of the poles. Try to make sure the top is even. [image 4]

Step 5: Finish

And that's pretty much it! A fairly simple design that didn't take too long (ignoring the 2 day set time...) to make.

* I'll update the pics to better quality when I get my camera back.. The shadow is cool but hard to photo correctly, but for now you should get some idea of how it looks finished *

I have some more interesting designs on my instagram if you want to check them out too - jamesmcco1 If you like anything then please follow or get in touch cause I'd love to hear from you!

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    brad ley
    brad ley

    Question 2 years ago

    Nice design.
    Did you add glue to the rope as you wrapped or is it held in place by tension? I was wondering if you think you could use a clear glass cylinder instead of the rods and glue to that. Thanks


    Answer 2 years ago

    No glue used going up, just slight tension round the pole on each turn.

    I don't think you could use glass..
    1) The tracks in the poles help give grip to the rope, glass would be slippy and the rope might fall - maybe gluing it at each turn would help.. but it would make maintenance very hard in case something breaks!
    2) Towards the top of the poles there is a slight bend since there are many turns, each with a little tension. The metal pole bends ok, but I feel that glass would snap. Maybe some clear plastic, but it may bend too much, whereas the metal is stronger.
    Hope that helps!