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Introduction: Concrete Bracelet

This bracelet titled "See Me Through" was created in 2009 with concrete, resin, steel, and nickel.  Its dimensions are 9” w x 9” d x 1 1/2” h.  

A mold was made from microscope pieces in a silicone mold making rubber (product called Oomoo) and then cast in resin.  The concrete portion of the bracelet was made from a wood version (with all holes for screw and bolt locations drilled) that was molded and cast in concrete.  The concrete was then filed and sanded smooth at the edge that was exposed from the top of the mold.

The nickel portion of the bracelet was made from 22 gauge nickel sheet, which was etched using ferric chloride and PnP Blue as a resist (which a pattern was laser printed, and heat transferred onto the metal sheet).  The nickel sheet was put in a hydraulic press with a form made from acrylic.  After the sheet was formed, it was cut and bolted onto the concrete piece.  The resin microscope pieces were screwed into the bracelet and the nickel sheet hides all the screw tops.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It actually doesn't weigh that much since it's not that big. I have a very small arm so it looks bigger than it is in the photo. The concrete portion only is about 4 inches in diameter to the outside. With that being said, it's more of an art piece than a day-to-day wearable piece.