Introduction: Concrete Checkerboard With Pieces

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I enjoy playing games outside with other people such as my siblings and family, but sometimes we forget to put away the game we were playing outside when we are done! That is why we created this concrete checkerboard game. Now we can enjoy a game of checkers outside and if we forget to put it inside when we are done, it will be able to hold up in the rain because it is made out of concrete! We also have a tendency to sometimes misplace pieces of games, but that is less likely to happen now because we even made a little compartment for each player's pieces. I hope you enjoy learning how to make it too!


Concrete Mix

Cement Mix Dye

Large Bin (Plastic)

4 equal pieces of wood and 2 smaller pieces of wood (see picture)


Screws x8

Particle Board

Splash Tiles (Squares) (2 colors)

Splash Tiles (Another Color and shape)

Wax Paper (

Cement Scooper


Hot Glue


Step 1: Create Pattern

Remove alternating square tiles of one color. Fill in the open gaps with the other colored tiles.

Step 2: Hot Glue Tiles

Hot glue the tiles to the mesh netting (from the package). Place the entire board on wax paper to dry to avoid sticking to the ground. Allow the hot glue to dry.

Step 3: Particleboard

Place board centered on the piece of particleboard.

Line up the wood frame as shown in the picture. Also, add the two small pieces of wood on either side of the board to create a void in the concrete. This will be the compartment for the pieces when they are not in use.

Step 4: Screws

Add screws to hold the wood border in place. It is essential that these pieces are tightly screwed together to prevent the cement from leaking through.

Note: Do not screw into the particle board! Screw into the other piece of wood as shown in the picture. Also, the use of a drill is recommended.

Step 5: Make Concrete

Mix water, concrete mix, and dye in the large bin. For this instructable, I used black dye.

Step 6: Add Concrete

Cover the bottom (underside) of the board with the concrete mixture as shown in the picture. Be sure that the top of the concrete is level because you don't want your game to be wobbling while you play because the bottom is uneven!

Step 7: Dry

Allow the concrete to dry for at least 2-3 days. Before continuing, ensure that the concrete has completely dried just for good measures.

Step 8: Remove Border

Remove the wooden border that was screwed together. Also, remove the smaller wooden pieces at this time.

Step 9: Fill in Edges

Fill in the edges between the tiles with a ticker, smaller batch of concrete mix. Allow this to dry completely before continuing.

Step 10: Sanding

First off, wear a mask! Concrete dust can be dangerous if inhaled and should not be done without a mask.

Sand the concrete wherever you see fit to make the final touches. Some good places are edges and anywhere there is not a smooth finish. You can sand as much or as little as you would like.

Step 11: Play the Game!

Now you are finished creating your concrete checkerboard! This board is weather-resistant, so if it is left in the rain accidentally once or twice, it should still hold up just fine.

Don't know how to play checkers? No problem! Check out this pdf for the basic rules on how to play with a friend:

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this concrete game!

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