Introduction: Concrete Halloween Candy Bowl

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It's October and that means it's time to decorate for fall and Halloween. One of our favorite materials to use for outdoor Halloween decorating is concrete. It's easy to work with and holds up well to hot, rainy Florida weather. It's very DIY friendly.

If you're like us, you may celebrate Halloween away from your home. If you're not home, you can just leave a bowl of candy at the door, but there is the very high likelihood that someone will pick it up and dump the entire contents into their bag. With this project, that will be a little difficult!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

For full material list, visit our website.

Step 2: Buy Materials and Prep the Bowls

We purchased two bowls and plastic fangs from the dollar store. You'll also need a hot glue gun, glue sticks, concrete (we're using Quikrete countertop mix), bowls to mix the concrete, spoon, water, weights, safety gear (mask, goggles, gloves) and something to protect your work surface.

The fangs are hot glued to the outside of the orange bowl and to the inside of the black bowl. Add drips of hot glue to the inside of the black bowl to create the look of melting wax.

Step 3: Mix Concrete and Fill Bowl

As a safety precaution, we like to work with concrete outside the garage with a fan blowing the concrete dust away from the garage.

Fill the bowl you're using about half full with concrete. Add water until a brownie like consistency is reached. Pour into the black bowl. Continue filling the bowl with concrete until it is about half way full. Tap the bowl on a hard surface to bring any trapped air bubbles to the surface. This is optional as the bubbles add character to the finished bowl.

Press the orange bowl into the concrete until the concrete reaches the top of the black bowl.

Add weights to the orange bowl to keep it floating out of position. Cover with plastic wrap and let cure 24 hours.

Step 4: Unmold the Bowl

Once dry, remove the concrete from the bowls. The orange bowl can be removed fairly easily, but the black bowl will more than likely have to be cut with a utility knife to be removed.

Remove any fangs that are imbedded in the concrete.

Elevate the bowls with a rack or bench cookies and allow the bowl to cure another couple of days.

Step 5: Paint and Seal

The final step was to use craft paints to add a little color to the fang and hot glue drip indentations. We used a couple coats of clear sealer and then added a "spit spray" of oil rubbed bronze to give both bowls a gritty, spooky look.

Step 6: Stage Your Creepy Halloween Display

The neon bowl is set onto a stump surrounded by white spider web materials with battery powered tea lights at the base.

The second bowl is set on a wood slice with purple spider web materials, which sticks really well to brick! We filled the bowl with dollar store 'eyeballs' along with leaves and moss from the yard.

This is a quick DIY project that can be adapted to fit your Halloween style!

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