Introduction: Concrete Hand Made From Disposable Glove

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We had so much fun making concrete pumpkins for Halloween that we decided to try another concrete fall decor project. This time we wanted to try out a new product, RapidSet, which we learned about from a Home Depot Pro. It's a very strong cement (concrete being cement + sand and rocks). It's very smooth and can be removed from a mold in 1 hour.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Gather Materials


  • RapidSet 25lb Cement All (Home Depot)
  • Gloves (Amazon)
  • Mask (Amazon)
  • Candles (Target dollar spot)
  • Water
  • Bowl, Trowel, Cling wrap
  • Measure cup, painter's tape, tweezers

Step 3: Wear Mask and Gloves

Always wear a mask and gloves when working with concrete. It's best to have a buddy for this project.

Use a piece of cling wrap to protect the candle while the cement cures.

Step 4: Mix Cement and Fill Glove

We are using RapidSet cement that is readily available at our local Home Depot. The instructions show to use a 4 to 1 ratio of cement and water--4 parts cement to 1 part water.

Have a buddy hold open a disposable glove. Start by putting the cement in the fingers and work fast. The cement sets in 15 minutes and structural strength in 1 hour. We found making one hand at a time was best.

Step 5: Mold and Let Sit One Hour

Step 6: Remove Glove

Let sit for one hour then remove the glove from the cement hand. This will take a little time to remove all the glove. Use tweezers to help remove small pieces.

Step 7: Decorate

Leave the hand natural or spray paint. We used oil rubber bronze for this one.

Use a second candle to drip some wax around the hand.

Step 8: Done!

Have fun and see how many different designs you can create! This cement is great to work with on small projects as you can be completely done in under two hours.

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