Introduction: Concrete Lamps

My fifth instructable, this one presenting some work from a few years back.

A few years ago i made 4 lamps using concrete, as presents. I wanted to investigate the process of casting at the scale of the object.

I designed the forms on Rhino, lasercut the formwork from thin styrene sheets (1mm), used a hot glue gun to rapidly tack it all together, hold the formwork in place and plug any leaks. I then cast the voids, and combined the resultant concrete work with custom metalwork, papercraft and other lasercut elements to create these 4 lamps.

As prototypes these pieces were never going to turn out perfect, but the process of creating them has taught me a lot about working with concrete at such an intricate scale.

During production parts broke, and i realised that i would need mesh reinforcement for some of the more delicate pieces such as the long stalks of the Mushrooms, or the thin leaf structure of the Top Heavy lamp.

Happy to answer any questions.

You can see more of my work over at Terra Politica

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