Introduction: Concrete Leaf Casting

I enjoy making these leaf castings. My dad was a bricklayer, I love to garden, and it is fun! These leaves can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can see more of my leaves at or my facebook page Forever-Leaves.


Mixing tub and mixing trowel




Piece of sheet plastic

Concrete Mix

Step 1: Select a LEAF With a Nice Shape and Free of Holes and Tears. Using a Pile of Wet SAND, Form the Pile to Create the Desired Shape the Leaf Is to Have Once It Is Completed

Step 2: Cover the Sand Mold With Plastic. Place Your Leaf, Vein Side Up, on the Plastic

Step 3: Mix Your CONCRETE (premix Is Fine) and Press Concrete Over the Entire LEAF.

Step 4: Let Dry for a Couple Days and Remove the Leaf. You Now Have the Vein Impression to Be Painted (acrylic Paint) and Sealed (concrete Sealer).

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