Introduction: Concrete Planter Using PVC Pipes

Concrete Planter Using PVC !

I have been wanting to make something with concrete for a while and finally spent a weekend completing this project while i had some free time.

Step 1: Gather These Things

  1. PVC Pipes
  • 8 inch, 6 cm height
  • 4 inch, 20 cm height

2.Concrete Mix

3.Nails(to make drain holes)

4.Duct tape

5.Hacksaw blade

Step 2: Use Hacksaw & Duct Tape !

  • Use a Hacksaw to cut 8 inch PVC as per first picture.
  • Cover that with a duct tape (second picture)

Step 3: Mix the Concrete

Concrete is really easy to mix.Simply start with a small quantity of powder and gradually add water,mixing as you go.stop adding water when your mix looks wet with clumps.

Step 4: Build Up the Base

Pour the concrete mix onto the 8 inch PVC pipe up to a height of 2 cm.At this point you need to ensure that there is no air bubbles in the wet concrete.

Let concrete dry for 10 to 15 hours.

Step 5: Making Drain Hole

By heating nail in fire you can insert nail into 8 inch PVC Pipe.Note that the PVC need to be inserted just above the planter concrete base .

Step 6: Build Up the Sides

  • Insert 4 inch pvc into 8 inch pvc
  • Pour concrete through sides of it Properly.

Step 7: Let It Dry

Let concrete dry for at least two days.

Step 8: Removal!

First,Remove 4 inch pvc pipe carefully.

Next, remove nail using a plier

Next,remove duct tape and open 8 inch pvc pipe

And these PVC Pipes can be reused again......

Step 9: Final Result

Now you can choose what will grow inside your Planter :)

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