Introduction: Concrete and Wood Coffee Table

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The wife has been wanting a new top for the back patio since we have 3 boys and the current top is a thin piece of glass. So a concrete and wood top sounded like the perfect plan that would be nearly indestructible.


1 bag concrete

chicken wire

melamine wood

wood for the boarder i used walnut ash and oak


pigment of your choice

Step 1: Build the Form

I used kreg jig and screws to make a rectangle shaped to fit the existing base I had in the back yard

Step 2: Clamp the Form Down

You can never have to many clamps so put them to use the better you press this the easier the clean up will be.

Step 3: Mix the Concrete

I mixed mine in a wheelbarrow to a sloshy consistency

Step 4: Add the Concrete

fill the form about half way

Step 5: Add the Chicken Wire

this will reinforce the concrete making it stronger.

Step 6: Get the Bubbles Out

add the concrete until the form is full I used a hammer on the bottom and the smacked the top down to release the air bubbles.

Step 7: Flip It Over

After 24 hours i flipped it over and the melamine popped right off.

Step 8: Sanding

I started with 60 grit and went down to the 120 or 220 grit

Step 9: West System Epoxy Time

I truly love this stuff if it wasnt so expensive i would finish all my wood projects with this stuff

Step 10: Add Pigment and Have Fun

I tried some things out adding 2 different colors in a swirl pattern. I then sanded the project 1 last time and added a clear coat of epoxy to finish it off. Get some help this thing is heavy!! looks good on the back porch learned alot on this build and will definitely do one for the inside

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