Conductak + Circuit Scribe + SMD = ???

Introduction: Conductak + Circuit Scribe + SMD = ???

About: Inventor of Conductak, an electrically conductive sticky tack!

Conductak is an electrically conductive sticky tack! I've been developing it on and off for a few months now, and I've gotten to the point where Conductak can be used in conjunction with conductive writers like Circuit Scribe to draw circuits with off the shelf components. In this Instructable I'll go over an example using Conductak and Circuit Scribe to draw a simple circuit using SMD components, which are usually hard to use without a special soldering set-up.

Step 1: Draw Your Circuit Path

I used a Circuit Scribe pen to draw a simple circuit. The power source in this example is a 9 volt Electroninks power supply. Make sure you draw the circuit with proper spacing to fit your power source and components.

Step 2: Stick Conductak to Your Circuit

Get some globs of Conductak onto the contact points of your circuit. This particular batch of Conductak has significant amounts of Nickel in it, which is magnetic. This works great with Electroninks parts since they have magnets in them! The power supply snaps right on without needing to use a metal backing.

Step 3: SMD Components

SMD (Surface-Mount Device) packaged components can be a pain to work with, and nearly impossible to use with paper circuits. But with Conductak and some tweezers, SMD parts can be tacked right onto a drawn circuit. The only thing left is to...

Step 4: Turn It On!

Conductak provides an easy way to prototype and build circuits! What would you make with a conductive sticky tack? Let me know in the comments, and I'll put up more Conductak Instructables!

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