Introduction: Conductive Thread - Waxed

When sewing by hand, conductive thread frequently tangles into a knot.
Not only is this a nuisance, it slows down production.

When doing tailoring or couture sewing you quickly learn to wax your threads.
By waxing several strands of conductive thread before you begin your project you will reduce tangles,  lower your frustration levels and speedily finish your project.

Yes, this works like a charm with any type of thread.

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Step 1: Gather Your Parts

Conductive thread
Bees Wax
Piece of scrap paper

Step 2: Waxing

Before I waxed my thread I measured the resistance at 7.5 ohms per foot.
Pull the thread three to four times thru the bees wax.

Step 3: Apply Heat

Place the waxed thread between two pieces of scrap paper.
Place a hot iron on the paper and pull the thread thru.

Step 4: Waxed Conductive Thread

After waxing the conductive thread the resistance measured 8.2 ohms per foot.
Now to sew sew sew your LEDs to some fabric.

Step 5: Sew!

Happy tangle free sewing!