Confetti Fabric

Introduction: Confetti Fabric

Use your fabric/thread/ribbon scraps to make this unique fabric.

Step 1:

Cut out two pieces of dissolvable stabilizer.

Step 2:

Place fabric scraps, I call it confetti, on top of the dissolvable stabilizer
Make multiple layers of confetti.

My confetti comes from my serger scraps, French seam trimmings, silk ribbons and bias scraps left over from garment cuttings. This is a great way to put all those scraps to good use!

Step 3:

Place the second piece of dissolvable stabilizer on top of the confetti.

Step 4:

Baste the layers together.
Both horizontally and vertically.

Step 5:

Set your sewing machine on a wide zig-zag.
Select thread that compliments your design.
Sew the layers together.
Again, both horizontally and vertically.

Step 6:

Rinse the fabric in water.
Repeat until it no longer feels sticky.

Step 7:

Let the fabric air dry on a flat surface.

Step 8:

Remove the basting threads.

Step 9:

If you are going to make something from the garment....make the garment first.... then wash. Once the confetti fabric is free of the dissolvable stabilizer it is nearly impossible to sew.

This is truely groovalicious!

Step 10:

This a long coat I made with the confetti fabric method in 2004.
Her name is Sea Spray.
I hope she inspires you to make something groovalicious!

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    12 years ago on Step 1

    where do you get this stuff...just a fabric shop, I'm guessing?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    thanx, with the right combination of colours it could be a nice curtain for my living room... just one thing, any help for the dissolvable stabilizer? brands, alternative names or uses.. i never heard of it before...

    Lynne Bruning
    Lynne Bruning

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    that'll be groovy! I buy it in bulk and unfortunately can't remember the supplier. at the local shops it will be Sulky Disolvable Stabelizer. Very expensive this way. I suggest googling about and finding a large roll perhaps Vileane or AquaMagic. Please post pics of the curtains!