Introduction: Confetti Gun

This is a very simple PVC pipe confetti launcher. It's an easy project even if you've never worked with PVC piping before,
and it's great for parties. In total, it cost me about 15$ CAD. 

Step 1: Materials

All the PVC pipe I used in this project was sch 40. it must be sch 40 to withstand the pressure, so make sure to check before buying your tubing.

6" of 1" pipe
2 2" lengths of 1/2" pipe
2 1" couplers
2 1" to 1/2" reducing bushing
1 1/2" slip ball valve
1 1" cap

A drill
a popped bike tube
PVC cement
PVC primer

After using my confetti launcher several times, I discovered that if the 1" to 1/2" reducing bushing is switched for a longer piece of 1/2" tube it fires the confetti much farther, but does not disperse it as much. This is a good option if you want more hang time with the confetti. I recommend 4 to 5 inches of 1/2" pipe for this approach.   

Step 2: Dry Fitting

Dry fit all your pieces together before you cement them. This picture shows the correct way to fit them. It's just a precaution to make sure it all fits and you know the proper layout.

Step 3: Priming and Cementing

You may now prime and cement the pieces together. The picture shows the pieces after priming and cementing. Make sure not to prime or cement the cap yet! 

Step 4: Inserting the Valve

In this step, take a popped bike tube and cut out the valve. The type of valve is not particularly important because they are all designed to hold large amounts of pressure; Just make sure you have the right pump. Next, drill a hole big enough for the valve in the top of the 1" cap. If the valve fits in the hole, you're good to go.

Step 5: Epoxy the Valve

Take the valve and cap and completely epoxy the space in between them. hold the valve in a relatively straight position until it stays and then let dry for as long as the epoxy's instructions say. After the epoxy is dry, prime and cement the cap to the rest of the launcher and you're done!

Step 6: Firing

Pump the gun to 100 psi with a bike pump, or until it is hard to pump. Put as much confetti as you want to fire into the barrel, aim up, turn the valve and WOOSH! confetti everywhere. I hope you enjoy this instructable, but don't expect to be totally blown away by the results; It's just a fun little thing.