Introduction: Configuration - KNEX Ball Machine

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This is my most complex (not biggest) KNEX ball machine up to date. It features Sathoty's circle lift, two networks, six paths, and new elements.


Step 1: White Floor and Network Start-Up

This is the white floor where balls (not from paths 2 & 3) land here and bouncy off rubber bands I put on so they don't stay.

Step 2: Network 1

This network uses an arm lift to bring the balls to paths 1-3.

Step 3: Path 1

This path features my new element, path hanger and 95martb's gap element I kind of modified.

Step 4: Path 2

This path features MinnesotaRandomCrap's maze and my new double pathing which is under the maze.

Step 5: Path 3

This path was just made to fit in.

Step 6: The Bottom Path That Connects Paths 2 & 3

Instead of trying to get paths 2 & 3 to head for the white floor, I thought "why not just make a path for paths 2 & 3 to go under everything to the pathing that's right before the balls enter the circle lift."

Step 7: Network 2

This network has a chain lift with my own custom top and a new kind of path curve which brings the balls to paths 4-6.

Step 8: Path 4

This path features a large ball alternator and MinnesotaRandomCrap's double dropper element I modified to act like and flipper.

Step 9: Path 5

Not much for this path, just regular ball alternators.

Step 10: Path 6

This path greatly features my new triple-dropper element which requires a basket and extra pathing. My personal favorite.