Connect Multiple PZEM 004T With Nodemcu Module

Introduction: Connect Multiple PZEM 004T With Nodemcu Module

The requirement of multiple PZEM 004T modules in some projects like Power theft detection system or energy monitoring system is necessary so here I provided Nodemcu code and connection of 3 PZEM 004T modules with Nodemcu.

if you have any query then kindly comment below or write at or GITHUB account

Thank you

-Vishal Kargathara

Step 1: Understand GPIO Pins of NODEMCU Module

With the help of GPIO pins of Nodemcu, you can easily interface the multiple PZEM 004T modules and can get the data at the same time.

Step 2: Connection Diagram of Multiple PZEM 004T With Nodemcu

here I took 3 PZEM 004T modules for understanding purpose. you can add more than 3 modules also but only works in GPIO pins.

simply in Nodemcu, there are 16 GPIO pins (excluding GPIO 0; because Rx and Tx pins have to connect in the same Nodemcu )

Note: you can give 5v and GND to PZEM 004T from Arduino as well or any other source as well.

Step 3: Nodemcu Code for Multiple PZEM 004T, Written in Arduino IDE

Here I provided my Nodemcu code written in Arduino IDE software and kindly change your parameters of wifi SSID and Password for making your data live on a web server.

do changes in code according to your number of PZEM 004T modules and other requirements.

if you have any queries regarding code then comment below or mail me at given Email address at the top of the article.

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    Question 1 year ago

    how to i connect multi pzem with esp32


    1 year ago

    serial monitor is showing nothing code is uploaded sussessfully


    2 years ago

    I do not have a library. Please

    vishal Kargathara
    vishal Kargathara

    Reply 2 years ago

    I am happy to help you :)
    I also shared the Arduino IED code of the Nodemcu and PZEM 004T module for understanding purposes. hope that also helps in project work.