Introduction: Connect a 360 to a PC Monitor (via DVI)

Simple way to connect a 360 to a monitor via dvi

Step 1: Buy Adaptors

there are two adaptors that you will need and a hdmi cable that you may need to buy
1st adaptor is the hdmi to dvi and the 2nd is  the 3mm to red and white plugs

Step 2: Modify 360 Avi Cable

Step 3: What You Should Have

you should have
hdmi to dvi adaptor plugged into your monitor 
hdmi plugged into console and the adaptor
Modified avi cable plugged into the 360
the red and white cables of the avi cable plugged into its adaptor

you connect the speakers to the 3mm end of the sound adaptor

Step 4: Turn It on and Play

of course plug in the powere cable for the 360 as well
this instructable is for people who already know how to set up speakers and a 360