Introduction: Easily Connect a Multimeter to Your Breadboard With Jumper Wires and Paperclips

I was bored of having to push the multimeter legs onto the jumper wires, so I created a simple way to attach them directly to the breadboard, with two removable jumper wires and a couple of paperclips.

Step 1: Tools

For making this, we need:

-Two wire jumpers.
-Two paperclips.
-A soldering iron.
-A multimeter.
-A breadboard (obviously).
-Very very basic soldering skills.

(Yes, the pliers are photoshopped, because I forgot to put mine on the photo)

Step 2: Open a Paperclip and Turn It Around the Tester Pin

Step 3: Cut Off the Excess

We only need around 1.5cm for soldering the wire.

Step 4: Solder a Jumper Wire to the Paperclip

Remember the 1.5cm leg that we left on the paperclip? It's time to solder a jumper wire to it. I'm awful at soldering, so expect a better result than mine.

Step 5: Improve the Contact

For better contact, apply pressure on the paperclip while it's on the multimeter.

Step 6: Repeat the Same Process and TEST!

Now we are ready to go, test whatever you want on the breadboard.

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