Introduction: Connect an Ipod or Other Mp3 Player to Normal Household Speakers Without an Expensive and Bulky Amplifier!

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Do you have loads of extra stereo speakers, that either came with cheep stereos that broke or you just have them for no apparent reason? In this Instructable I will show you how you can connect them to any Mp3 player or any device with a sound port for less than 5 $.

Step 1: Gather Up Those Materiels.

You will need the following:

2 alligator clips ( may substitute heat shrink tubing, but this is easier)

1 Pair of wire strippers and cutters, I used gardening scissors because of their ability to do both.

1 Pair of cheep headphones, I used some westjet ones.

1 Speaker, mine is just a cheep sony one.

That's it!

Gather them up and continue!

Step 2: Stripping.

Now, the first thing to do is start stripping, but first you have to cut the wires ( DUH! ). Cut the wires on the headphones wherever you see fit, I did it about a foot in front of the headphones.
Then strip of about half a centimeter.

Done that?

Then let's continue!

like the macro mode on my camera?

Step 3: Testing the Connection

Ok, so you have the wires stripped (usually speaker wires come pre-stripped, but if not, do the same thing on them) now clip one on the headphone wire. ( Plug in your ipod/ mp3 player into the headphone cable now and start playing some music) Now try touching the other clip to the other wire. If you get sound, connect it! But if not switch them around.

Now that you've done this, you're done! If you have any problems, comment down below and ill help.

I realize I've done the opposite, but it will work just as well

Step 4: Sound Quality

This is a quick video of how good the sound quality is.

Hope you enjoyed this, please rate and comme- oh whatever, it's not like me telling you to comment changes anything......