Introduction: Connect an MP3 Player to a Tape Player

How to connect an mp3 player, or other stereo source, to a tape player in order to listen to the music.

Step 1: Materials

For this proyect you will need the following tools:

-A soldering iron
-A multimeter
-Headphones or stereo wires and plugs
-A tape player

Step 2: Dissasemble the Tape Player

You must dissasemble the tape player in order to get the circuit board.

This step varies with the model of the tape player so I won`t put any picture.

Step 3: Locate the Magnetic Head

You will find the magnetic head in the place you used to insert the tape.

The head must have three wires, one is the ground and the two others are for the right and left channel.

Step 4: Locate Where the Magnetic Head Connects to the Board

Follow the wires that come from the magnetic head to the circuit board. On mine it was a 4 port connector, it may vay with your tape player.

To identify what pin connects to each wire you can use your multimeter, by checking the continuity of the connections. I'ts usually represented by a diode in your multimeter.

Put a tip on where the wire connects to the head, then put the other tip in the connector. When it beeps the wire where you have put one tip connects to the point of the circuit where you have put the other.

Step 5: Solder the Wires

Now you have to cut the earbuds and peel the wires.
Stereo wires usually have a copper shield that must be connected to ground, left channel its covered with a white or blue plastic and the right one is covered in blue.

Now you have to solder it where the magnetic head´s wires connects to the board.

If you can´t locate it you can solder it to the head.

The ground cable is usally covered in black plastic.

On mine ther was 2 points for the ground, that are short cicuited. That's why I only have connected the shield once.

If you crossed the right and left cables it will work fine too.

Step 6: Finish

Now re-assembly the tape player. Connect it and press play, then connect your mp3 player and press play as well.

Adjust the volume in order to listen to it well, I recommend you to put your mp3 player the lowest you can.

What you have done it´s to make a shunt in the amplifier where you connect your mp3 as it was the magnetic head.

There´s a non destructing version of this, thats attach an earbud to the magnetic head, but it may be difficult and you will hear your music in mono. It will be good if you forget the CD in a party or something like that.
If you do that you should put your mp3 at the maximum volume.

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