Introduction: Connect to Your Raspberry Pi Robot From a Chromebook

Cinch is the perfect operating system if you want to us your Raspberry Pi Robot (such as the GoPiGo, BrickPi, or GrovePi) with a Chromebook. With a Chromebook and Cinch running on a Raspberry Pi, you can quickly setup and control robots, program robots, and do everything you might want to with the Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Step 2: Setup Your Raspberry Pi

1. Insert the microSD Card with Cinch installed into the Raspberry Pi.

2. Place the Dexter Industries wifi dongle into the Raspberry Pi.

3. Power up the Raspberry Pi.

Step 3: Connect Through Your Chromebook

4. After a few minutes, select the wifi network from your Chromebook called “dex”. Select to connect to it.

5. In your browser, type “”

6. Form your browser select noVNC.

7. Enter your password (the default is robots1234)

8. You are connected!