Introduction: Connecting Normal Speakers to a JBL on Stage IIIp (Portable Speaker)


So a while ago I found out about these things called "Boomcases" ( )
But I didn't like the price and the appearance.
So I decided to build my own.
But I didn't want to spend to much money.

So I grabbed my JBL On Stage IIIp and took it apart to see if it worked with normal speakers.

Step 1:

So I took it appart and this is what I ended up with.

Step 2:

I took the main bord and connected it up to my normal speaker.

It worked like a Charm!

Step 3:

But I found out it lowered the bass when it run on batteries.
I found out what the problem was. 
The batteries had a total of 9 Volts, And at that level the bass will reduce to make it last longer.
So I took 2 battery holders (4 AA batteries per holder) and wired them up together.
The two of them together makes 12 volts.

Step 4:

I hooked everything up again and used a gluegun and some duct tape to hold it all in place.
This is only temp. since I'm going to buy better speakers.
This will work with every portable speaker system (as far as my knowledge goes).

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