Introduction: Connecting a LED Turn Dial Controller to LED Rope Lighting

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Overview of Project:
The video will show how to connect a power supple, a Pavo Dial (LED Turn dial controller), and RGB (color changing) LED rope light together.
Could be used for Cover Lighting or Back Shelf lighting.

What is needed:
- 24 Volt Transformer (power supple).

- Power Cable Plug. (the plug and wire you plug into the wall)

- General Electrical wire

- LED Pavo Dial Controller

- RGB Rope Controller Cable

- RGB LED Rope Lighting

- Rope Light End Cap

- Wire Cutters

- Philips Head Screw Driver

How much (or long) RGB Rope can I used?
Using the 100 Watt 24 Transformer you can use about 80 feet (24 meters) and the Pavo Controller.

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