Introduction: Connecting a Linear Actuator to a Rocker Switch

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The easiest way to control your linear actuator is by using a rocker switch. A rocker switch controls how your linear actuators retract and extend. There are a few options available, such as momentary and non-momentary switches.

Momentary Rocker Switches

Momentary switches will extend and retract when the button is depressed. Once you remove pressure from the button, the motion stops.

Non-Momentary Switches

Non-momentary switches have three different positions: extend, retract and off. For the actuator to stop, the button must return to the 'off' position.

Parts Required

1. Power Source

- You will need a 12VDC battery or a 110VAC/220VAC to 12VDC power adapter.

- Please be sure that your battery or power adapter has enough amperage to power your selected actuator.

2. Rocker Switch

3. Linear Actuator

Step 1: Connecting the Switch

1. Connect negative power (Negative Term [-]) to terminal T3 of the rocker switch.

2. Use a second wire to connect terminals T3 and T4 of the rocker switch together.

3. Connect positive power (Positive Term [+]) to terminal T6 of the rocker switch.

4. Use a second wire to connect terminals T6 and T1 of the rocker switch together.

5.Connect a wire from terminal T2 to your actuator.

6.Connect a wire from terminal T5 to your actuator.

Your actuator should now be properly controlled by your rocker switch.

Step 2: Notes

1. If your actuator retracts when you are extending it, reverse the actuator wires that connect to the T2 and T5 terminals.

2. You can use this method to connect multiple units. Connet the negative wires of the actuator together and connect the positive wires of the actuator together. Then connect one wire to terminal T2 and one wire to terminal T5.

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