Introduction: Console Simon Says 3D

Hello, we are a couple students at 4th year module of electronics engineering from University of Malaga, School of Telecommunications ( and we are going to show you our proyect for the subject called 'Creative Electronics'.

Our proyect is a recreation os the popular game "Simon Says".

Here you are full code avaliable on Github:

You will need to install this two libraries:

Step 1: Material´s List

Step 1 : Material´s List

The full component list is the following:

- 4x arcade buttons (33mm) = 1.99€/each

- 1x Speaker (R=5,3cm) = 3,20€

- 1x Button reset = 0,60€

- 9x 1KΩ Resistances = 0,45€

- 1x LCD 16x2 DISPLAY HD44780 = 10,77€

- 1x SAV MAKER (provided by university)

- 1x Perforated PC Board (77x90mm) = 6€

- Liquid glue = 3,70€

- Wire = 1,40€

- Welder (provided by university)

Bucket: 34,08€

Step 2: Protoboard Test

First of all, you have to ensure that all the components works correctly. You can make different test on protoboard with every component.

Here you have the sketchs of each test:

Whenever you have tested all the components separatedly, you can make a try of the full circuit.

Step 3: Hardware Assembly

It's time to make a perforated pc board, we have used an pre-drilled by lines.

Step 4: 3D Design

For 3D design we have used FreeCad, a free software that you can download here:

This program is avaliable on Windows, Mac and Linux and it's free.

Click here to download the full project on FreeCad:

Printing advice: make a print test to ensure that components fits well on the box.

*If you are not so experienced on 3d design, we recommend you follow this tutorial on Youtube.

Step 5: Build Time

You can have a look of the process of 3d design.

Step 6: Final Test