Introduction: Console Table Charging Station for Behind Our Sofa!

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How to build a simple console table for behind your sofa, with plugin added for easy phone charging! I had one great thing going for me when it came to this little table, it wasn’t going to be seen in any way so I could keep it very basic construction. The width of my sofa is 72 inches so I made the table 70 inches wide and 27 inches tall so it would be just a little shorter then the height of the back. I used two rough cut 2x2s and one rough cut 4×4 for the legs and one rough cut 1×6 for the top. (I found them all out in the barn, thanks Grandpa for leaving them for me!) A few screws to put it all together and construction was done!

Step 1: Cutting the Hole

Using my jig saw and a drill I cut out a rectangle large enough to fit my power strip (purchased on Amazon) and then I just had to secure it with two little machine screws. 6 inches certainly does not provide a very deep “shelf” however, it is a great place for small additions, books and, in a pinch, it works fine for setting a drink on too!

Step 2: Completion and Use

I stained the entire table with dark walnut stain and put two coats of poly acrylic on it just for protection. I’m pleased with it all together and I’m glad I went ahead and splurged on that $20 power strip made specially for situations like this one. There was a part of me that really felt $20 in that case was more then I needed to spend but in the end I love that I can just use a USB cable too!

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