Introduction: Constellation Dishes

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Make a star studded set of dishwasher and food safe constellation dishes with glass pieces from the dollar store. Make an "out of this world" table setting for next to nothing.

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Print out of constellations

Americana Gloss Enamels in Napa Red, Deep Midnight Blue and Dioxazine Purple


Krylon Short Cuts in metallic silver and gold

Rubbing Alcohol

Glass dishes

Step 3: Print Out the Constellations

Print out this constellation in gray scale (to save ink) and ON THE MIRROR IMAGE SETTING

*The reason you want to print this on the mirror image setting is because you're working on the opposite side of the plate. When you flip the plate over the constellation will be in the right configuration

Step 4: Draw the Stars

Clean the underside of the dishes with alcohol

Pick your constellation and draw it on the underside of the plate

Edge the plate with the Krylon Short Cuts pen to give it a finished look

Step 5: Paint and Bake

Add tiny stars with the silver metallic Krylon Short Cuts Pen

Blend the Napa Red and Dioxazine Purple Gloss Enamels on the center of the plate

Before it's dry, add the Midnight blue and blend Coat the entire back of the plate with midnight blue (or black) and let dry

Bake twice for 30 minutes at 350° letting it cool in between baking

Step 6: Done!